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How is a Doula part of my birth team?

My job as a Birth Doula is to help round out your birth team with professional and experienced birth support.  I work to create a team mentality within your birth room. I facilitate discussion between parents and medical staff, provide emotional and physical support, and am a continual presence from active labor through an hour or two postpartum. Your nursing staff will rotate with shift change, but I will be by your side the entire time. I provide no medical procedures, my focus is on your emotional and mental well being and providing comfort measures to work through your labor. I love being able to support birth partners through this process too! By guiding birth partners throughout labor and delivery, they can feel assured that they don't have to worry about forgetting what they learned in birth class or worried about making a mistake. I am there to help bring the two of you together, as a team!

Do you offer postpartum support?

Yes, I will remain by your side for an hour or two after your baby's birth. I will help establish breastfeeding if you plan to nurse and will make sure that you are comfortable before I leave. I am available 24/7 in the week following your birth. Please call any time! Seriously, 3pm or 3am, you are welcome to contact me! I breastfed my own children and know that questions don't only pop up during the day.

*When you are ready for a postpartum meeting, we will connect and set up a time to get together and discuss your birth experience. I can't wait to see you and your new baby again! 

How do you deal with complications at birth?

This is one of the biggest reasons we want to create an atmosphere of teamwork with your medical staff. I will help you process what is happening and ask for your options. My job is to "hold space", create a bubble for you and your partner, when you need time to make decisions. Keep in mind that I provide no medical services, your medical staff is there to keep you and your baby healthy. We will work with them to make your birth as smooth as possible.

When do I call you?

Whenever you need me! I want to hear about any questions or complications that come up during your pregnancy. When you see your doctor, especially those weekly appointments at the end, give me updates. This will help us create and update your game plan for Baby Day! When you are in labor, you'll let me know. Even if you aren't sure! We'll assess over the phone how you are feeling (and if you need me to come to your home) and then decide when it is time for you to head to your birthing place. Always let your doctor know when you believe you are in labor and if your water breaks.

What do you do during my birth?

I work with you and your medical staff to help make your birth plan a reality. Of course we know that sometimes plans change, and that's ok! Because we will have discussed those possible changes during our prenatal meeting. I work with you and your partner through labor with massage, positioning to keep you comfortable and help baby get into position for birth, with visualization, vocalization, hydrotherapy, and anything else that helps make you comfortable. I work with your partner to create a peaceful and supportive environment, I will not leave you during your labor.

What if I want an epidural or am having a Cesarean-section?

You can absolutely benefit from my services! No matter what kind of birth you are planning, you will have experience and knowledge on your side with a Doula present. Many moms or partners who have anxiety over your birth, have had trauma in a past birth, or who just feel the need for a little extra support can benefit from me being with you on Baby Day.

Where do you attend births?

For the time being I am available to support births in hospitals and birth centers in the Kansas City area within approximately 45 minutes of Olathe, KS. If you are outside of this area, contact me and we'll see if either myself or another recommended Doula would be available to you.

What if I have a ton more questions?

Contact me! I'd love to hear from you!

How do I secure your services?

Feel free to use the contact option on this site, email me or give me a call! We'll chat about how your pregnancy is going, your due date, birth location, etc. You'll probably get a good idea of my personality and vice versa. Then, if you are interested in further discussing my services and want to get together for a coffee (I'm a tea drinker actually!), we'll set that up. During that initial meeting I'll bring my contract for you sign, if you are ready, and once you've put down a deposit (half the total fee), you've secured your due date on my calendar. I only take 1-2 clients a month, so those spots do fill up fast.