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Monica is an AMAZING doula and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an incredible birth experience. Her presence throughout the birth of our third child was a blessing. I was able to fulfill my desire of having an unmedicated labor and delivery with the coaching and support Monica provided my husband and I throughout the process. The prenatal visits were extremely helpful, in which Monica provided encouragement and the confidence to approach labor and delivery with excitement and joy rather than anxiety. The day of delivery was exactly as I envisioned. Monica’s presence offered the sense of serenity I needed, her calming voice and intuitive ability to know when a change in focus was necessary assisted me through the intense phases of labor. Additionally, she provided my husband with support and coaching throughout labor and delivery, which allowed him to be more involved than my previous two birthing experiences. She was definitely more than a hand to hold, she was an essential part of my birthing experience.

Brent, Tanelle & Baby Keenyn

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Monica did a great job in talking to the birthing mother and working through each stage of labor. I'd love to work with her again!

Heather, Labor and Delivery Nurse

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My first thought when my wife brought to me the idea of hiring a doula for our delivery was simply that it was an additional cost and an additional human being in the room when the special day arose. After going through the process I would’ve paid double for having our doula present.
My wife had bravely chosen to deliver our baby without any intervention. I don’t think a library of books could have adequately prepared me for the intensity of the laboring and delivery process. Monica was there every minute of the way for all 12 hours of labor and delivery. She was constantly looking out for both my wife and me. There was a point in the delivery where my orders were to go take a walk and breathe. I had become a bit pale and her job extended passed my wife into taking care of us both. She was ensuring that I would also be awake and well when our baby decided to make her appearance. Not passed out on the floor. The immense void I brought to the table of sheer lack of experience and knowledge was completely filled by Monica. She helped ease the laboring process that I think helped dramatically in the success we achieved at the end. She helped me know how to coach and encourage my wife. She instilled in us a confidence that day that allowed us to relax and embrace the process of the birth of our daughter. 
I will definitely be using her services again when the next special day arises.

Josh Gibbons

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Monica’s services as a birth doula cannot be overvalued.  Her character and good nature along with her experience make her exactly the partner you want with you as you prepare to welcome your new little one.  From being a sounding board and voice of council those last few weeks to holding space for you while in labor, Monica’s attentiveness and excitement for you and her determination to support are irreplaceable.  She is at the same time a strong advocate and a blur in the background. She’ll support when you need and disappear when you don’t; she’ll coach you and help you to achieve the best outcome possible. She won’t run over your loved ones who may be there with you; she’ll support them as well.  

Even with a little bit of hostility and weird vibes from the hospital staff during check-in, Monica handled it with a smile and so much grace that what could have been a stressful time and a bad start to the birth ended up being something to chuckle about to this day.  Simply seeing the difference in body language between other personnel and Monica was downright comical. The fact that she can swiftly handle someone else’s issues while firmly advocating for the moms she works with is reason enough to bring her on board. Words do not adequately describe how helpful it was to have Monica there.  

Katherine Larson